Pump bearing maintenance should pay attention to what?
In the process of using the pump products, regular maintenance and repair are indispensable, in addition, but also to carry out regular inspection of other parts, bearing shaft is one of the main components of the pump products, the pump is no exception, Therefore, in daily use, its regular inspection is indispensable, the following specific look.
For new pumps, under normal circumstances, after running 100 hours, it is necessary to replace the grease (oil), then 500 hours to replace it again, in addition, the operation of 1500 hours, it is necessary Bearing on the grease to be replaced, the amount of oil to be appropriate to be added to the provisions of the location, or too little too much will easily lead to bearing the phenomenon of fever.
Used to hold lubricant or grease container should be kept clean, sealed, do not fall into the dust and other debris, otherwise it will cause some damage to the bearing, in addition, it should be noted that, do not use sodium grease Pump bearing lubrication, because, this grease has high temperature (125 ℃) features, and is easy to dissolve in water, so, sodium-based grease is not suitable for lubrication of pump bearings.
In addition, the disassembly of the bearing should pay attention to: towing force should be sustained to the extent possible, the size should be smooth and uniform, should not have an impact force applied together as possible through the axis of oil-free bearings, but also to avoid rolling Physical exertion.