Analysis of the causes of wood mill grinder bearing fever
Timber mill bearing fever is the main cause of bearing damage, in the actual production process in addition to a good quality of the mill in addition to regular lubrication and replacement of the screen and the hammer is no need for other maintenance. The wood mill bearing fever is precisely the quality of equipment, but the most obvious reason.
1, whether the long-term overload of timber mill work, with a clamp-shaped meter measured current and ammeter shows the current is basically the same;
2, check whether the bearing has been worn or damaged;
3, check the coupling of concentricity.
4, remove the bearing shell check whether too much or too little grease;
5, check the shaft shell tightness of the two bolts;
6, grind air see if there is any vibration phenomenon, if the vibration removed all the hammer and then check the vibration phenomenon exists, to prevent the spindle bending or rotor imbalance;
7, wash the bearings with gasoline, diesel shell with a clean shaft, bearing balls coated with the right amount of molybdenum disulfide lithium grease;
8, maintenance treatment, the empty machine running a few hours of bearing temperature control should be controlled at 60 ℃, the use of bearing temperature observation, if the bearing temperature rise in the range, then you can rest assured that the use.