How to deal with bearing overheating?
In the practical application of the bearing, often encounter the problem of bearing fever, how to deal with it?
First of all, we must first understand the causes of bearing fever.
Bearings in the work of more than normal temperature may be due to:
1, uneven bearing or journal fit or contact surface is too small (with the gap is too small), the specific pressure on the unit area is too large, most of this happens in the new machine after the trial operation or change the bearing pad;
2, bearing deflection or crankshaft bending, distortion;
3, poor quality bushings, lubricating oil quality does not match (small viscosity), or blocked oil. Gear pump oil supply pressure is too low, as well as oil supply interruption, resulting in shortage of bearings, resulting in dry friction;
4, bearing debris or excessive oil, too dirty;
5, bushings have uneven wear and tear;
6, the compressor installed spindle and motor (or diesel) spindle coupling is not correct, the error is too large, resulting in two-axis tilt.
Understand the cause of the bearing fever, we can right remedy.
Method of exclusion:
1, Scratch pad with paint method to make its contact surface meet the requirements, to improve the specific pressure per unit area;
2, Appropriate adjustment of its cooperation with the gap, check the crankshaft bending, distortion, depending on the situation for a new crankshaft or repair;
3, with the quality of the bearing, check the pipeline and gear pump, the use of lubricants meet the quality requirements, check the pump to adjust the pressure to meet the requirements;
4, cleaning and replacement of new oil, adjust the oil pressure;
5, replace the new bearing;
6, two machines to be concentric, leveling tolerance values ​​to comply with the machine manual values. In particular, the compressor and the motor connection with a rigid connection, but also pay attention to find out.