Crusher bearing wear repair
Due to the relatively poor working conditions of the crusher bearing torque or vibration in the process of running larger, often resulting in transmission system failure, common crusher bearing room, bearing wear, shaft head, keyway wear, pulley, coupling Hole wear and other devices. At the same time as the production site is more serious dust, poor lubrication conditions, will accelerate the transmission parts of the wear and tear. The traditional method of repairing welding machine is easy to damage the material and lead to the deformation or fracture of the part, which has great limitation. The methods of brush plating and painting and reprocessing usually require extra-long process, not only long repairing period, high cost, Of the material or metal material, can not fundamentally solve the cause of wear and tear; more parts can only take scrap replacement, greatly increased production costs and inventory of spare parts, so that enterprises have a good resource advantages have been idle and waste.
Fushishi blue technology products repair, demolition, maintenance-free machining on-site repair, low maintenance costs, short cycle, greatly reducing the labor intensity of maintenance personnel; Fu Shi blue metal repair materials, with excellent mechanical properties, excellent adhesion, not Will produce high temperature stress, fully meet the equipment operation requirements. At the same time a good plasticity, to ensure that the shaft and hub mating surface 100% surface contact, to avoid the possibility of re-emergence of the gap.